SDG 4 targets: neglected questions on conditions and circumstances for education reforms in Africa

Autor(es): Oketch, Moses

Date: 2024

Pages: p. 1-4

Serie: International Journal of Educational Development

Series Volume: 106 (2024), 102999


This article argues that the SDG 4 targets failed to sufficiently address the critical aspects concerning the conditions and circumstances required for the successful implementation of education reforms to achieve these targets in Africa. As a result, at the midpoint of 2030, it is evident that these targets are unlikely to be achieved. Today, a pressing issue in many African countries is the widespread problem of low learning levels, which affects the majority of children. Many children attend school but find themselves several grades behind in their understanding of the expected curriculum and this has exacerbated and perpetuated education inequality, which remains unaddressed by the SDG 4 targets and undermines their achievement.

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