School closures and regional policies to mitigate learning loss due to COVID-19: a focus on the Asia-Pacific

Organisation(s): UNESCO Institute for Statistics; UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific

Publisher(s): UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Date: 2021

Pages: 51 p.


Together, the education and economic fallout from the pandemic threaten progress toward the Sustainable Development Goal for education (SDG 4). Even prior to the COVID-19 disruptions, progress towards SDG 4 was lagging in many countries in the Asia-Pacific and without significant contributions to education finance, the pandemic threatens to push the region even further behind. This report breaks down the effects of school closures. It considers, for example, how many schools were closed, and when, across the Asia-Pacific, and the effects on different levels of education from early childhood education, through to primary and secondary school. The report analyses country efforts to implement remote learning, and strategies to mitigate learning losses as the proportion of students expected to fall below minimum proficiency levels is expected to rise. It also looks at how countries in the region can get back on track to meet national SDG 4 commitments.

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