Putting SDG4 into practice: all means all: inclusive and equitable leading and teaching

Organisation(s): VVOB - education for development

Publisher(s): VVOB - education for development

Date: 2023

Pages: 24 p.

Serie: VVOB Technical Brief

Series Volume: 7


Vulnerable learners and learners from disadvantaged backgrounds can benefit most from quality education. Yet, they are currently learning least. There is a global learning crisis, especially in low-income countries, where there are significant disparities in math and reading proficiency among different income groups and regions. These gaps also exist within countries, and they tend to increase as students progress through the education system. Equitable and inclusive quality education means that learners’ personal and social circumstances do not form barriers to learning. This entails that both the diversity of learners and the processes of learning as well as the inequalities in opportunities are being considered and addressed. In this technical brief, we illustrate our operational framework to inclusive and equitable education through two cases: Vietnam and South Africa.

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