Perceived impact of primary education on the attainment of Nigeria Vision 20:2020

Autor(es): Adesina, Abiodun Ezekiel

Date: 2011

Pages: p. 61-69


This study sought the perceived impact of primary education on the attainment of Nigeria Vision 20:2020. Survey design was adopted for the study. Six hundred primary school teachers were randomly sampled from Oyo Local Government Areas of Oyo State. A self-designed 20 items questionnaire validated and trial-tested with reliability of 0.83 was used to collect the data. Three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using t-test statistical tool. The findings revealed that the primary education standard have impact on the nation attainment of NV 20:2020 (cal-t = 10.73; Crit-t= 1.96, df = 598) and that the standard of primary education is hampered by the low level of funding and facilities availability at school (Cal-t = 11.06, Crit-t = 1.96, df = 598). Also it was found that the level of teachers qualification at the primary school significantly influence the standard of primary education in the country (Cal-t = 4.66, Crit-t = 1.96, df = 598). It was therefore recommended that along proper funding and facilities provision for primary level of education, liberalization should be encouraged for better qualified teachers to handle foundational classes in order for the nation to achieve her Vision 20:2020.

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