Nexus between participating in cross-national learning assessments and educational policy reforms: case study of Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa

Autor(es): Mulongo, Godfrey; Amod, Zaytoon

Date: 2019

Pages: p. 203-223

Serie: Educational Research for Policy and Practice

Series Volume: 18 (2019)


Utilizing the theory of change, this study analyzes the extent to which the participation in cross-national learning assessments by Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa has contributed to educational policy and curriculum reforms. Data collection involved in-depth interviews with key informants and summative content analysis of policy/strategic documents. The findings reflect that overall, at least 11 policy/strategic documents formulated between the years 2000 and 2015 in the three countries respond well to recommendations or findings emanating from the cross-national learning assessments. Two curriculum reviews/reforms attributable to cross-national learning assessments are also recorded. The inferences are drawn based on the testament by the research participants and or whether the documents contain strong references to cross-national learning assessments.

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