Moving from assessment to action: case study summaries

Organisation(s): People's Action for Learning Network

Date: 2017

Pages: 12 p.


The People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network) brings together organizations from fourteen countries across three continents to assess the basic literacy and numeracy competencies in children in their homes through citizen led assessments. Citizen led assessments started a decade ago in India as tool to gauge learning outcomes in children with the aim of improving learning. This method of assessment has since spread to thirteen countries and is still expanding. With discussions progressing beyond conducting assessments, member countries shared case studies of actions that have taken place to move from assessment to action. A collection of sixteen case studies from 8 of the member countries gives a snippet of the range of actions that have been spurred from the assessment done over the past 11 years. The case studies fall into two main categories: direct and indirect interventions. The direct interventions range from early childhood education, interactive learning camps and teacher training and support programs. While the indirect interventions consist of advocacy and communication campaigns.

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