Measurement and research support to education strategy goal 1: Rationale for using Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) in projects; draft for review

Autor(es): Jukes, Matthew; Mulcahy-Dunn, Amy; Stern, Jonathan

Organisation(s): USA. Agency for International Development; RTI International

Date: 2016

Pages: 11 p.


Lot quality assurance sampling (LQAS) is the basis for a monitoring approach that uses binary indicators and small school sample sizes to quickly collect and process local data to inform decision making and improve program effectiveness. In order to separate the sampling methodology and the analysis model from the overall monitoring approach and associated instruments, the name Local Education Monitoring Approach is now used to refer to the total package. As more projects consider incorporating LQAS into their design, questions have arisen regarding how and when to best use this methodology. In this brief, the authors provide an overview of LQAS and how and when it can be applied to support project and ongoing program implementation.

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