Measurement and research support to education strategy goal 1: Early Grade Reading and Math Assessments in 10 countries: dissemination and utilization of results; a review

Autor(es): Nielsen, Dean

Organisation(s): USA. Agency for International Development; RTI International

Date: 2014

Pages: 29 p.


This report represents a follow-up study to the EdData II task order called Learning Outcomes Research and Assessment-Related Projects (2009–2013), which supported early-grade basic skills assessments in 10 countries via the EGRA, EGMA, and SSME. At the time of its final report, Learning Outcomes was not in a position to track these countries’ reactions beyond the main “policy dialogue” that followed the assessments, and budgets and schedules had not allowed for long-term observations. This follow-up review used document analysis, interviews, and field studies to gauge the impact of the Learning Outcomes task order. The objective of this report was to “review country experience with EGRA and, where implemented, EGMA and/or SSME in a variety of countries, with particular emphasis on the sharing and utilization of the results of these assessments for policy formulation and other decision making.” The EdData II task order Measurement and Research Support to Education Strategy Goal 1 served as the vehicle for this internal project investigation.

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