Left behind in school

Autor(es): Dyer, Caroline; Bhattacharjea, Suman; Alcott, Benjamin; Thomas, Steffi Elizabeth; Imran, Waqas; Loyo, David

Organisation(s): University of Leeds (UK). Faculty of Social Sciences

Date: 2019

Pages: 10 p.

Serie: Leave No One Behind in Education: evidence brief

Series Volume: 1


This Leave No One Behind in Education Evidence Brief presents assessment data from six PAL Network countries: India, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mexico and shows that many children do not progress through school according to prescribed age-grade norms, with important implications for learning. The authors also show that because being ‘left behind’ in terms of age-grade progression within schooling is often associated with other forms of disadvantage, it has disproportionate effects for some children, and is therefore also an equity concern.

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