Learning outcomes in school education: at the core of building a knowledge economy

Organisation(s): KPMG (India); Confederation of Indian Industry

Date: 2018

Pages: 24 p.


The study reflects on critical areas of the teaching and learning process that have a positive impact in the classroom. The report analyses learning outcomes in school education in India across grades, subjects and states to highlight key competencies and skills that are currently lacking in students. A thorough assessment of policies and practices has been undertaken in consultation with various stakeholders in the ecosystem to identify levers to enhance a learner’s performance. These include approach and mind-set to teaching, issues with curriculum, capacity building and accountability of teachers, diagnosis and remediation through assessments, systemic evolution, community building and parent involvement, personalised learning and data driven decision making. Furthermore, the paper undertakes a discourse on various policies and some government initiatives to draw attention to current gaps and areas of improvement. The paper is concluded with a set of recommendations for stakeholders including teachers, schools, government and the private sector to enable them to work towards building integrated and holistic solutions for further advancement of the ecosystem.

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