Kuwait education program achievement report: School Education Quality Improvement Program

Autor(es): Halabi, Samira; Alkhoja, Ghassan

Organisation(s): World Bank; Kuwait. Ministry of Education; National Center for Education Development (Kuwait)

Date: 2014

Pages: 25 p.

This Program Achievement Report (PAR) captures the accomplishments of the intensive effort the Kuwait Ministry of Education has undertaken in cooperation with the World Bank. This multi-year, integrated modernization program addresses critical issues in Kuwait’s education system: curricular reform, the development of national assessment systems, improvement of school leadership, and creation of professional standards. As the current phase of the program comes to an end, capturing the accomplishments of this intensive effort and documenting lessons learned are valuable practices that can serve to inform future programs for education development in Kuwait and elsewhere. The intent of this PAR is to qualitatively and retrospectively take stock of major achievements and highlight lessons learned during the Education Technical Cooperation Program (2010-2014). The PAR can also serve as a guide for structuring and organizing future cooperation programs.

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