Innovative Pedagogies Project: policy brief

Organisation(s): Education Commission

Date: 2023

Pages: 13 p.


Following the evidence collated in the Save our Future White Paper September 2021, the Education Commission and the LEGO Foundation launched the Innovative Pedagogies Project (IPP) in Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda to create greater awareness, political will, and action toward adopting adaptive, inclusive, engaging, and playful pedagogies. Country-level research and policy dialogues reveal that national policies in Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda largely embrace the philosophy of inclusive, engaging, and adaptive (IEA) pedagogies but these policies are not fully implemented in schools and classrooms at primary level. Between September 2021 and December 2022, the Education Commission, alongside the Institute for Educational Planning and Administration at the University of Cape Coast, the Aga Khan Foundation, Samuel Hall, A Partner in Education, and The Wellspring Foundation, as well as the governments of Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda worked to: a) Assess the extent to which inclusive, engaging and adaptive (IEA) pedagogies have been adopted at the system, school, and classroom levels in the three project countries; b) Identify gaps that hinder successful adoption of IEA pedagogies and best practices that can inform adoption of IEA pedagogies in other contexts; and c) Bring together key education stakeholders to jointly develop relevant action plans to facilitate the adoption and adaptation of IEA and playful pedagogies.

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