Improving student achievement through professional development: results from a randomised controlled trial of Quality Teaching Rounds

Autor(es): Gore, Jennifer M.; Miller, Andrew; Fray, Leanne; Harris, Jess; Prieto, Elena

Date: 2021

Pages: p. 1-12

Serie: Teaching and Teacher Education

Series Volume: 101 (2021)


Improving student achievement through professional development (PD) is both highly sought-after and elusive. This four-arm randomised controlled trial evaluated effects of Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR), a pedagogy-focused form of PD, on mathematics, reading, and science outcomes for elementary students (n = 5478). Outcomes at baseline and 8-month follow-up were compared for QTR, QTR trainer-led, peer-observation, and wait-list control groups. Students in the QTR group made 25% more progress in mathematics than the control group (g = 0.12, 95% CI: 0.07–0.17). This result supports QTR as a form of PD with significant potential for wider impact.

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