Improving second-decade education and learning in East Asia and the Pacific: adolescents’ potential unleashed

Organisation(s): UNICEF. East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (Thailand)

Date: 2019

Pages: 68 p.


The 174 million adolescent girls and boys of secondary school age in East Asia and the Pacific symbolize a major force for positive social and economic change for this region: they can contribute to a competitive labour force, sustained economic growth, improved governance and vibrant societies. However, 24 million adolescents are still out of school and 1 in 3 of students who remain in schools, do not obtain the expected reading or mathematical skills at lower secondary level. A change in the education systems is urgently needed, doing “more of the same” is not enough. UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office developed the Programme Guidance ‘Adolescents’ Potential Unleashed: Improving Second-Decade Education and Learning in East Asia and the Pacific’ to help UNICEF Country Offices and partners to define clear priorities, strategies and interventions to address these challenges around adolescents’ education and learning. The guidance suggests the definition of data-driven and evidence-based programming, embracing innovations, promising partnerships and cross-sectoral work to strengthen the education system and alternative modalities to foster adolescents’ learning and skills. It suggests a strong equity and gender focus.

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