Improving reading skills by encouraging children to read in school: a randomized evaluation of the Sa Aklat Sisikat reading program in the Philippines

Autor(es): Linden, Leigh L.; Kumler, Todd J.; Baafra Abeberese, Ama

Date: 2011

Pages: 31 p.


The authors show that a short-term (31 day) reading program, designed to provide age-appropriate reading material, to train teachers in their use, and to support teachers’ initial efforts for about a month improves students’ reading skills by 0.13 standard deviations. The effect is still present three months after the program but diminishes to 0.06 standard deviations, probably due to a reduced emphasis on reading after the program. They find that the program also encourages students to read more on their own at home. They find no evidence that improved reading ability improves test scores on other subjects.

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