Flexible strategies for ensuring quality learning outcomes in curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment in Asia-Pacific during the COVID-19 pandemic: NEQMAP 2021 thematic review

Autor(es): Bhaduri, Indrani

Organisation(s): UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific

Publisher(s): UNESCO Office Bangkok; UNESCO

Date: 2021

Pages: 19 p.


The  present  document  aims  to  synthesize  major  steps,  whether  envisaged  or  implemented  by  different  countries in South Asia, South-East Asia, and Oceania to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their respective  education  systems.  The  response  and  resilience  plans  provide  insight  into  the  different  approaches and planning those the nations from the region have employed to ensure the continued learning of  children  under  the  pressing  circumstances,  uncertainties  and  unprecedented  challenges  presented  by  the  pandemic.  The  understanding  gained  from  this  examination  can  help  identify  the  core  aspects  necessary for supporting learners and mitigating learning gaps.

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