Effective use of large-scale learning assessments to improve learning outcomes and education system reform

Other title(s): Utilização eficaz de avaliações de aprendizagem em larga escala para melhorar os resultados da aprendizagem e a reforma do sistema educativo

Autor(es): Brink, Satya

Organisation(s): Teaching and Learning Educators’ Network for Transformation; Regional Coordination Group on SDG 4-Education 2030 in West and Central Africa

Date: 2020

Pages: 14 p.

Serie: SDG4-Education 2030 in Sub-Saharan Africa policy brief

The objective of this Policy Brief is to recommend priority actions to increase the effective use of Large-Scale Learning Assessments (LSLAs) data to (i) improve national education outcomes by diagnosing needs and issues of the education system (ii) develop effective national policy and regulation based on measured results (iii) monitor progress or regression of education outcomes and (iv) report achievements nationally and internationally. The goal is to enable countries to systematically mobilize national effort to use cross-nationally comparable learning-outcome indicators developed from Large-Scale Learning Assessments to cumulatively measure progress in education outcomes towards achieving nationally, regionally and globally set goals, including the education Sustainable Development Goals over time. Ideally, the expectation is for countries to incrementally implement best practices to achieve continuous improvement while customizing and adapting the recommendations to their own national context.

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