Does medium of instruction affect learning outcomes? Evidence using Young Lives longitudinal data of Andhra Pradesh, India

Autor(es): Nair, P. Sree Kumar

Organisation(s): University of Oxford (UK). Dept of International Development, ODID. Young Lives; Privatisation in Education Research Initiative

Date: 2015

Pages: 35 p.

Serie: PERI ESP Working Paper

Series Volume: 68


This study analyzes the potential link between medium of instruction and student performance at primary school level. Value added models pertaining to the effect of medium of instruction on student achievement are estimated using Young Lives longitudinal data of primary school children in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Using Math scores to proxy for student achievement the authors find that Telugu (mother tongue) medium students on an average perform significantly better as compared to English medium students after controlling for students ability, household characteristics and parental aspiration. This analysis suggests that introducing English medium of instruction at earlier grades during school life may negatively affect learning outcomes of students.

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