Demand for education innovation: adolescent and youth perspectives on education quality in the CEECIS Region

Autor(es): Tanner, Erin; Testot-Ferry, Philippe

Organisation(s): UNICEF

Date: 2011

Pages: 235 p.


Demand for Education Innovation: Adolescent and youth perspectives on education quality in the CEECIS Region is a unique research initiative that sought to better understand the challenges facing young people in education and to identify young people's priorities for improving education quality. The research engaged young people from Kosovo, Georgia and Tajikistan at all stages of the research process - from its design to the dissemination of the findings. lt calls on governments, international and national partners in education and youth organisations to: 1. Innovate teaching and learning processes to make them more attractive, more flexible, more relevant and more supportive of the distinct needs and priorities of young people 2. Reduce the number of early schoolleavers by giving special attention to preventing students from leaving school early and creating more second chance opportunities for young people that have left school 3. Promote the participation of young people and youth organizations in decision-making processes from the school to the state level.

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