Competencies for the 21st century: jurisdictional progress

Autor(es): Taylor, Robert; Fadel, Charles; Kim, Helyn; Care, Esther

Organisation(s): Brookings Institution; Center for Curriculum Redesign

Date: 2020

Pages: 13 p.


Education systems around the world are increasingly recognizing the need to teach their students a new set of competencies beyond traditional disciplines such as mathematics, science, and reading. In order to be successful in learning, life, and work, students must master 21st century skills like creativity and critical thinking, social-emotional learning characteristics like curiosity and resilience, and meta-learning abilities often described as “learning to learn.” While the importance of this broadened set of competencies is widely acknowledged by education policies, implementation into educational curricula varies significantly. This brief documents how 22 jurisdictions - countries, provinces, and states - in North America, Europe, and Asia and the Pacific have incorporated 21st century competencies into their education systems.

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