Choose and curate toward commitment to capable and committed teachers (5Cs): a set of principles for teacher career reform

Autor(es): Hwa, Yue-Yi

Date: 2023

Pages: 7 p.

Serie: RISE issue brief


Classroom teaching is complex. This means that pursuing a vision of empowered, highly respected, strongly performance-normed, contextually embedded teaching professionals who cultivate student learning requires a systemic approach to teacher career reform. One such approach is a set of principles called the 5Cs: choose and curate toward commitment to capable and committed teachers. Education authorities must initially choose prospective teachers based on the best available information. Education authorities should also designate the novice phase as a period of curation involving extensive support for teachers’ pedagogical development and careful identification of those teachers who are most likely to make sustained, careerlong contributions to student learning. Such teachers must be technically capable and equipped for cultivating student learning in their specific school, classroom, and curricular contexts. Additionally, teachers must also be motivationally committed to the systemwide purpose of cultivating children’s learning. After these teachers have demonstrated their capability and commitment, education authorities should make a long-term employment commitment to them.

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