Are our children learning? Five stories on the state of education in Uganda in 2015 and beyond

Organisation(s): Twaweza East Africa

Date: 2015

Pages: 48 p.


This fifth report of the Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment reviews the historical narrative of the Education for All (EFA) goals set by the Dakar Forum. It raises the key question: after the noble intention and the investment in ideas, time and money, did we actually achieve the EFA goals? This broader reflective report is a timely contribution in 2016, soon after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, which include an even more aspirational Goal 4 – inclusive, equitable, quality lifelong education. Specific targets and indicators will be finalised this year. This report expands our analysis and engagement in two important ways. The first is a conceptual expansion. Within the context of learning outcomes, the report interrogates the extent to which access to primary school, access to early childhood education, gender equality and adult and lifelong learning were achieved by 2015. Secondly, the report compares the findings of the Uwezo 2014 survey and learning assessment, with other selected education studies. The aim is to engage with a broader range of analytical audiences, especially the national and district-level decision makers in education, as well as academia and civil society organisations involved in education. It invites us to look beyond the narrative of learning outcomes, to critically examine the baseline from which the SDGs will start, and use this to monitor progress into 2030. But we remain true to the fundamental question that has motivated us to do this work, one that remains deeply relevant; perhaps more so now than ever before – are our children learning?

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