Annual Status of Education Report: ASER Nepal 2016

Organisation(s): ASER Nepal

Date: 2017

Pages: 17 p.


The primary purpose of this pilot assessment was to learn how to conduct a Citizen Led Assessment (CLA) in Nepal. Through this pilot we tested our assumptions and verified our data quality assurance, training protocols and local partnership methods. The ASER Nepal team now has the confidence to scale this approach throughout Nepal. This pilot was primary focused on learning how to conduct a citizen led assessment thus data generated from it is not operational. We recommend this data not be used for decision making. We report it here to demonstrate what can be gleaned from a full ASER Nepal assessment. Starting with this first pilot the ASER Nepal team will be conducting a series of pilots. The pilots not only test the tools, but they are also providing valuable learning about how to make the process effective and accurate. In the Parsa pilot, the emphasis was on the assessment process i.e. finding and training volunteers, recheck/other data quality processes and on understanding how to structure effective relationships with district level partners. To prepare for the pilot, ASER Nepal’s team had extended conversations with the global network, its team members attend the ASER India National Workshop in Lucknow learning about survey methodology and training procedures, and also went on a week observations of the assessment in Sikkim. Having observed the practice at a close range, the ASER Nepal team created the assessment consulting with both textbooks and the national curriculum at the 2nd grade level. The Census was consulted to prepare demographic and asset questions.

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