Annual Status of Education Report 2017: beyond basics (rural)

Organisation(s): Assessment Survey Evaluation Research (India)

Date: 2018

Pages: 156 p.


Every year since 2005, ASER has reported on children's schooling status and their ability to do basic reading and arithmetic tasks. Year after year, ASER has highlighted the fact that although almost all children are enrolled in school, many are not acquiring foundational skills like reading and basic arithmetic that can help them progress in school and in life. Since 2006, ASER has focused on the age group 5 to 16. Over this period, a clearly visible trend is that more and more students are completing eight years of elementary school at about age 14. Just four years later, these young people will become adults. So what do these youth do during these four years? Are we ensuring that they acquire the skills and abilities they will need to lead productive lives as adults? To answer this question, ASER 2017 focuses on an older age group: youth who are 14 to 18 years old. The survey looks 'Beyond Basics', exploring a wider set of domains beyond foundational reading and arithmetic in an attempt to throw light on the status and abilities of youth in this age group.

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