Toward universal learning: recommendations from the Learning Metrics Task Force; summary report

Organisation(s): UNESCO Institute for Statistics; Brookings Institution (USA). Center for Universal Education

Publisher(s): UNESCO Institute for Statistics; Brookings Institution (USA). Center for Universal Education

Date: 2013

Pages: 43 p.

Poor quality education is jeopardizing the future of millions of children and youth around the world. Yet we do not know the full scale of the crisis because measurement of learning achievement is limited in many countries, and hence difficult to assess at the international level. Moreover, this global data gap on learning poses a direct threat to the transformative power of education by making it impossible to address the most urgent areas of need through evidence-based policymaking. To bridge this gap, the Learning Metrics Task Force brings together a wide range of education stakeholders to catalyze a shift in global education policy and investment from universal access to access plus learning by building consensus on three key questions: What learning is important for all children and youth? How should learning outcomes be measured? How can measurement of learning be implemented to improve education quality? This report presents the task force’s recommendations on how the measurement of learning outcomes can help to ensure quality education for all. In particular, the report presents key areas for indicators that could be used for global tracking. The recommendations are the result of extensive consultations with technical working groups and more than 1,700 individuals in 118 countries. As the post-2015 discussions on education focus on setting new global goals, this report serves as a roadmap to leverage assessments in improving learning opportunities and outcomes for all children. Assessments alone will not improve the quality of student learning outcomes, but reliable data on learning will enable policymakers and educators to put in place the policies needed to deliver on the promise of education.

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