Time to Teach. Teacher attendance and time on task in primary schools in South Sudan

Author(s): Târlea, Silvana ; Han, Christine ; Nugroho, Dita ; Karamperidou, Despina

Organisation(s): UNICEF

Publisher(s): UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti

Date: 2021

Pages: 59 p.


The Government of South Sudan, through the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI) and its development partners, has made efforts over the past decade to rebuild South Sudan’s primary education system. Challenges to the delivery of education have persisted, both within the education system and external to it. The Time to Teach study focuses specifically on the issue of teacher attendance. It distinguishes between four types of interruptions to teacher attendance: absence from school; lack of punctuality; absence from class; and loss of teaching time in class. The study aims to identify the specific determinants at each level of the education system of South Sudan. In doing so, it highlights the role of various education stakeholders, from the central and decentralized levels, to the community level and as school level actors in monitoring and addressing the challenges to teacher attendance. This study seeks to contribute a better understanding of the various challenges faced by teachers and especially, the system deficits that affect teachers’ attendance and motivation, with a view to providing evidence-based policy recommendations to relevant education stakeholders in the country. The study was based on 145 qualitative interviews/focus group discussions with government officials, head teachers, teachers and community representatives, as well as a survey of 200 teachers from visits to 20 schools across the 10 states in South Sudan. Both public and private schools were selected, in urban and rural areas.

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