The SACMEQ IV Project in Botswana: a study of the conditions of schooling and the quality of education

Author(s): Chabaditsile, Gobopaone K.; Galeboe, Archie K.; Nkwane, Tebogo D.

Organisation(s): Botswana. Ministry of Basic Education. Department of Educational Planning and Research Services

Date: 2018

Pages: xii, 43 p.


The SACMEQ IV was conducted between 2012 and 2015 and it covered 188 Botswana primary schools. SACMEQ IV focused on an examination of the conditions of schooling, the quality of education and HIV/AIDS knowledge levels in primary schools. This report presents the research results and policy suggestions that emerged from the SACMEQ IV research study. The report will provide information on eight thematic areas and these are: 1) The setting of the study; 2) The conduct of the study; 3) Pupils’ characteristics and their learning environments; 4) Characteristics of teachers and their classroom; 5) Characteristics of school heads and their schools; 6) School resources; 7) Achievement levels (Reading and Mathematics); 8) Health Knowledge for teachers and pupils; 9) Conclusions & Agenda for action.

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