The effects of inclusion on academic achievement, socioemotional development and wellbeing of children with special educational needs

Author(s): Dalgaard, Nina T.; Bondebjerg, Anja; Viinholt, Bjorn C.A.; Filges, Trine

Date: 2022

Pages: 44 p. + 20 p. + 2 p.

Serie: Campbell Systematic Reviews

Series Volume: 18, 4 (2022), e1291

This review aims to explore the effects of placing children with special needs in inclusive educational settings, compared with segregated placement on measures of academic achievement and psychosocial adjustment. A secondary aim is to explore how different child or setting characteristics (gender, age, type and severity of special need, part- or full-time inclusive education, and co-teaching) might moderate outcomes. Results of the meta-analyses do not suggest any consistent positive or negative effects of inclusion on children’s academic achievement as measured by language, literacy and math outcomes, or on the overall psychosocial adjustment of children. The studies in the analysis demonstrated a wide range of both large positive and large negative effect sizes; and although the average effect sizes did favour inclusion, they were small and none were statistically significant.

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