The educational assessments that Latin America needs

Author(s): Martínez Rizo, Felipe; Valverde, Gilbert; Ravela, Pedro; Wolff, Laurence; Wolfe, Richard; Aylwin, Mariana; Arregui, Patricia; Ferrer, Guillermo

Publisher(s): PREAL

Date: 2008

Pages: 18 p.

Serie: Working paper series

Series Volume: 40


This working paper addresses the need for and uses of large-scale standardized assessments, typically in primary and secondary school, of learning and/or educational achievement in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is aimed at policymakers in the field of education, teachers, academics, business people, members of trade unions and social organizations, and those working in financial agencies and the media. It seeks to contribute to the debate on standardized testing in education systems and to decisions made in that regard.

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