The Assessment of learning outcomes and social effects on community-based education: a randomized field experiment in Afghanistan; Phase One outcomes report

Author(s): Burde, Dana; Kapit, Amy; Lisiecki, Matt; Middleton, Joel; Misic, Vedrana; Sadiqi, Mohammad Amin; Samii, Cyrus

Organisation(s): USA. Agency for International Development

Date: 2016

Pages: 54 p.


This report presents the Phase One outcomes for the Assessment of Learning Outcomes and Social Effects (ALSE) project in Afghanistan. ALSE is a comprehensive multi-year impact evaluation that aims to expand and deepen our understanding of ways (1) to maximize primary school learning and access through community-based education (CBE), and (2) to sustain these gains in learning and access into the future. Phase One focuses on questions related to the first theme, studying the impact of CBE models that vary in teacher recruitment criteria and the extent of parent and community-level mobilization to support children’s education. Phase Two will study how teacher recruitment models, community mobilization, and other investments in community and official-administrative capacity contribute to sustained access and learning for in- and out-of-school children after NGO programming ends.

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