Ten notes on learning assessment systems

Author(s): Tedesco, Juan Carlos

Organisation(s): UNESCO-IBE

Date: 2016

Pages: 11 p.

Serie: Current and critical issues in the curriculum and learning

Series Volume: 5

In this publication, Juan Carlos Tedesco shares his perspective on gauging and assessing learning. The author suggests that by taking a close look at the history of assessment and discussing the strengths and weaknesses often associated with it, steps forward can be taken in the field, understanding that a great many dimensions are involved, both outside and within the education system that are both material and cultural. This document furthers the understanding that by using a systemic approach to meet these ends, it then becomes possible to establish procedures which seek to promote higher levels of equality and social justice. On the other hand, an appropriate combination of external and internal assessment can ultimately improve the quality of education. We must stop considering evaluation as an end in itself and, instead, look upon it as a tool to serve the aims of social justice.

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