SMASE-WECSA Association 10th anniversary

Organisation(s): Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education in Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Africa; Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (Kenya)

Date: 2010

Pages: 20 p.


The SMASE-WECSA association’s purpose is Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education at the basic level, through in-service training (INSET), pre-service training, research, seminars, joint exercises, exchange of information and all other lawful means to pursue its objectives. The objectives of SMASE–WECSA association include: - To uplift the standards of teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science Education in member countries, thus enhancing performance of these subjects within these countries; - To promote the formation and growth of country associations by making available relevant information to member countries;- To facilitate establishment of links amongst member countries through communication, networking, exchange of training materials and initiating regional meetings when necessary; - To offer advice to member associations/bodies on matters of training and exchange of resource personnel; - To enhance professional interaction and exchange of ideas amongst Mathematics and Science educators; - To enhance classroom activities for quality teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science; - To develop teaching and learning materials for Mathematics and Science, publish journals and newsletters, and exchange such materials amongst its members and within the region; - To liaise with related government departments and other organizations for achievement of the association’s objectives; - To solicit for and provide materials and/or financial support, including donations to finance projects and programmes and furtherance of the development of Mathematics and Science in Africa.

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