Role of socioeconomic and parental involvement factors on children foundational learning skills based on MICS (2017–2018) data Punjab, Pakistan

Author(s): Kamal, Asifa; Amjad, Naila; Yaqoob, Uzma; Saud, Naz; Ijaz, Muhammad; Khan, Ilyas; Andualem, Mulugeta

Date: 2022

Pages: 13 p.

Serie: Scientific Reports

Series Volume: 12


Developing countries lack studies investigated the socioeconomic and parental role on students’ learning skills. This study is helpful to detect bottlenecks in the foundational learning skills (reading skills and numeracy skills) in the education system of Pakistan. Reading skills of children are found better who had no functional disabilities. Mothers with higher education had a significant positive contribution toward children learning skills. Children deprived of books for reading in appropriate language had a negative impact on their reading skills. Rich children had predominantly higher possibilities of good learning skills than poor children. Parents who had not attended children’s school to discuss child progress had a significantly negative effect on children’s numeracy skills. Overall parental involvement in some forms had insignificantly improved children reading and numeracy skills in Punjab, Pakistan.

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