Review of national and international reports on literacy and numeracy

Organisation(s): Ireland. Dept of Education and Science

Date: 2016

Pages: 25 p.


Since 2011, Ireland has participated in a number of international and national assessments in literacy and numeracy. These assessments provide useful information on the achievement of students and adults in literacy and numeracy that can inform the interim review currently taking place of Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life - A National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People 2011-2020. At primary level, these assessments include: • The National Assessments of English Reading and Mathematics (NAERM) in 2014 • Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) in 2011 and • Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) in 2011. The key assessment at post-primary level was the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2012, which generated a number of reports of interest to the interim review of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy. In the adult context, Ireland participated in the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), which was carried out in 2012. In addition, a number of evaluations on the implementation of Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS), the Department’s Action Plan for Educational Inclusion, were carried out by the Educational Research Centre (ERC). In 2012, the Chief Inspector of the Department published a report on the findings of inspections on teaching and learning in many curricular areas including Mathematics, English reading and Irish. This report provides an overview of the main findings of the various assessments and reports, and identifies key areas in which progress has been noted, areas for development, and implications for aspects of provision within the educational system. A detailed tabular summary of the key findings from each of the assessments and reports is provided in the Appendices.

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