Results of the 2013 Early Grade Reading and Early Grade Mathematics Assessments (EGRA & EGMA) in Sokoto state: Nigeria Northern Education Initiative (NEI)

Organisation(s): USA. Agency for International Development

Date: 2013

Pages: 78 p.


The Early Grade Reading and Early Grade Mathematics Assessments (EGRA and EGMA) were administered in Bauchi and Sokoto states in May 2013 as part of the Northern Nigeria Education Initiative (NEI), supported by USAID. The purpose of the data collection was to measure pupils’ performance in foundational reading and mathematics skills in order to monitor learning achievement in the states; gather data to inform state-level planning; and improve instruction. The assessments were administered to Primary 2 and Primary 3 children in formal government schools, and to children in schools that are part of the Integrated Qu’ranic and Tsangaya Education (IQTE) system. EGRA was conducted in Hausa and English. As part of the EGRA and EGMA exercise, questionnaires were also administered to students, head teachers, and Hausa, English and mathematics teachers to provide contextual information about students’ learning environment and the EGRA and EGMA results.

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