Research on reading in Morocco: analysis of textbook procurement chain and market for supplemental reading materials

Author(s): Varly, Pierre; Robledo, Ana; Pouezevara, Sarah

Organisation(s): USA. Agency for International Development; RTI International; Varlyproject (Morocco)

Date: 2015

Pages: xi + 67 p.

The previous studies on the subject highlighted the fact that the existing Arabic reading textbooks do not reflect international research and best practices for reading acquisition in alphabetic languages and the curriculum does not explicitly map the scope and sequence for acquisition of literacy skills. Teachers strongly expressed the need to make textbooks simpler and more relevant. The purpose of studying the book sector is twofold: 1) To document the book sector processes, which although well­-known to Moroccan government and other stakeholders, has not to date been well-documented for external audiences. 2) To use this as the starting point for discussing possible entry points for improving the quality and effectiveness of early grade reading materials.

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