Regional mapping report on assessment in the Arab States: survey of student assessment systems in the Arab States

Author(s): El-Amine, Adnan

Organisation(s): UNESCO Office Beirut and Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States; ALESCO

Date: 2014

Pages: 133 p., 150 p.

It is not enough for children to be enrolled in school and sitting in classrooms. For the benefits of education to accrue, children must be learning. But how do we measure whether children are learning and what do we do with that information? Effective assessment of student learning and achievement is a key component of any successful education system. Research shows that the right kinds of assessment activities, and the right uses of data resulting from those activities, can contribute to better learning outcomes and more well-informed policy decisions. As governments strive to improve student learning outcomes, it is vital for them to develop strong systems for assessing students’ learning and academic achievement.

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