Quality education in selected primary schools of Bangladesh: perceptions of classroom teachers

Author(s): Jahan, Khurshidha Akhtar; Alam, A.K.M. Badrul

Date: 2007

Pages: p. 43-51


The study was undertaken to ascertain views and opinions of classroom teachers of selected primary schools regarding certain issues and obtain their suggestions especially for quality assurance in their schools. Teachers provided their opinions regarding what constitutes quality of education at primary level. Useful information was obtained regarding infrastructure of schools, environment, curriculum, teaching-learning materials, relationship between headteacher and other teachers, among teachers, teachers and the community and SMC and PTAs’ involvement in school matters. All of these have direct relationship with the status of quality of education in the schools. The teachers recommended a number of steps for improving quality of education in the schools they serve. These are: improvement of physical infrastructure, attractive environment, teachers’ professional development and regular supervision of AUEOs and supportive feedback from them to teachers.

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