Programme haïtien d'appui à la réforme de l'éducation: quarterly progress report January-February-March 2009

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Programme haïtien d'appui à la réforme de l'éducation: quarterly progress report January-February-March 2009

This quarterly progress report details and reflects on the work carried out and results achieved by the PHARE project in support of USAID’s strategic objective under the Assistance to Basic Education/Linkages (ABE/LINK) contract.Since May 2008 and over the next three years, the Programme Haïtien d’Appui à la Réforme de l’Education (PHARE) will seek to improve access to quality primary education services in both formal and non‐formal settings, improve the quality of teaching and learning and strengthen the Ministry of Education’s (MENFP) capacity to regulate the system and plan, deliver and monitor education services. The PHARE project has seven key objectives: 1. Strengthen the MENFP capacity to plan, coordinate, deliver, monitor and evaluate school services in public and non‐public schools; 2. Expand the MENFP capacity to regulate non‐public schools through licensing; 3. Strengthen the MENFP capacity to improve professional training for teachers and school directors by advancing the certification system; 4. Improve MENFP capacity to analyze key education policy issues; 5. Expand the MENFP ability to increase education access for at‐risk children and out‐of‐ school youth; 6. Support the MENFP efforts to integrate age‐appropriate reproductive and sexual health topics into primary school curriculum; and 7. Build MENFP capacity to engage the Haiti business community to support education improvements. This report consists of five sections: Narrative, Progress for this Quarter by Result, Project Administration, Accrued Expenditures by Line Items and Planned Activities for Next Quarter. The Narrative presents a snapshot of results achieved this quarter. The section “Progress for this Quarter by Results” highlights key events and activities according to the project’s expected results. The Project Administration section details changes in staff and other administrative issues. Accrued Expenditures by Line Items summarizes expenses accrued this quarter. Finally, Planned Activities for Next Quarter details activities planned for the next quarter.

USA. Agency for International Development
Haiti. Ministère de l'éducation
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Americas and the Caribbean
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