Prioritizing girls' secondary education in East Africa

Other title(s): Prioritizing girls' secondary education in East Africa

Author(s): Obondoh, Andiwo; Kwame, Margaret

Organisation(s): Centre for Social Sector, Education, and Policy Analysis (Kenya); Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary

Date: 2013

Pages: 7 p.


Education is regarded as the driving force behind the development of an economically productive society. Governments and development organizations working in the education sector are increasingly recognizing that today’s labor market demands workers who have strong thinking and interpersonal skills, such as critical thinking, communications, team work, and strong work ethics. It is for this reason that expanding and rethinking the nature of secondary education in Sub-Saharan countries, traditionally reserved for elites and few others, are becoming crucial to successful individual and national participation in the global economy.

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