OECD review of policies to improve the effectiveness of resource use in schools (Schools Resources Review). Country background report for Kazakhstan

Author(s): Buldybayev, Timur; Burlak, Irina; Mussina, Zhannat; Suyundikov, Assylkhan

Organisation(s): Kazakhstan. Ministry of Education

Date: 2014

Pages: 248 p.


Chapter 1 '"The national context" provides an overview of the political structure of Kazakhstan, geographical characteristics and indicators of economic development. Chapter 2 "The school system" summarizes the main characteristics of secondary education system, major changes in the structure of secondary education, and includes description of upcoming reforms. Chapter 3 "Governance of resource use in schools" describes the share of educational resources, defines sources of education financing and indicates procedures of policy implementing to improve the efficiency of resource use. Chapter 4 "Resource distribution" gives an analysis of the mechanisms of financial distribution by level of governance and the principle of financial resources allocation to different levels of education administration. Chapter 5 "Resource utilisation" shows the correspondence of the educational resources to the individual educational needs of students. Chapter 6 "Resource management" is aimed to examine trends in capacity development in the field of resource management, monitoring system resource usage perspective approaches and actors involved in this monitoring.

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