Niger IMAGINE long-term evaluation. Final report

Author(s): Bagby, Emilie; Dumitrescu, Anca; Orfield, Cara; Sloan, Matt

Organisation(s): Mathematica Policy Research (USA)

Date: 2016

Pages: 172 p.

Key Finding: Overall, IMAGINE had an 8.3 percentage point positive impact on primary school enrollment during the 2012–2013 year, a 7.9 percentage point decrease in children being absent more than two consecutive weeks during the same school year, a 0.13 standard deviation impact on math test scores, and no impact on French test scores. The project impacts were larger for girls than for boys. IMAGINE was implemented in 10 departments in Niger with low girls’ enrollment and primary school completion rates. The project consisted of constructing 68 primary schools and implementing a set of complementary interventions designed to increase girls’ enrollment and completion rates. The complementary interventions included designing and disseminating training modules for teachers, promoting extracurricular activities, providing teacher incentive awards, and conducting a mobilization campaign in support of girls’ education. This report documents the main findings from the three-year long-term evaluation of the IMAGINE project.

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