Needs of ethnic minority students for learning improvement in secondary schools

Author(s): Kabir, Mahbubul; Nath, Samir Ranjan

Date: 2006

Pages: p. 35-48


The aim of the study was to investigate the needs of ethnic minority students for learning improvement in secondary schools through an in-depth understanding of the factors affecting their poor performance. An analysis of important factors within and outside the school indicate that a weak foundation in the language of instruction in schools along with endemic economic crises, inefficient teaching methods, irregular attendance of teachers, lack of required parental support, responsibilities outside school, and above all weak educational foundation at primary level caused and perpetuated a substandard performance of ethnic minority students in general. Support systems in place help a few good students but these are not so well organised to serve vast majority of pupils. The study suggested some measures for learning improvement of ethnic minority students. These are: strengthening academic foundation of ethnic students at primary level, sensitising teachers to issues specific to ethnic minority pupils, developing a good foundation course in Bangla as second language, ensuring regular attendance, raising the quality of classroom teaching and need-based curriculum for slow learners, eliminating irregularities in the testing system, creating space to facilitate increased interaction between ethnic minority pupils and Bangali pupils; and developing a comprehensive support system for general and slow learners among the ethnic minority student population.

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