Manual for alphabet design through community interaction for Papua New Guinea elementary teacher trainers

Author(s): Wroge, Diane; Easton, Catherine

Organisation(s): Australian Agency for International Development; SIL International; Papua New Guinea. Ministry of Education

Date: 2012

Pages: 77 p.


The Manual for Alphabet Design through Community Interaction has been designed as a resource to be used by elementary teacher trainers to help them understand the principles of alphabet design (orthography development) in Papua New Guinea. It describes a method of alphabet development that they can use to assist elementary teachers and community members to develop orthographies for their own languages. (Orthography is the linguistic term for the whole writing system. As well as alphabet letters it includes word breaks, spelling rules, punctuation, dialects, tone, stress, etc.) The manual is written for educators who may have little or no linguistic background or knowledge. This process was first developed by SIL-PNG. It was originally applied to single language workshops, but has been used in a variety of settings, including multi-language contexts.

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