Learning for All: guidelines on the inclusion of learners with disabilities in open and distance learning

These guidelines take a contemporary standpoint on the increasingly technology-based approaches used to deliver education to persons with disabilities. In this regard, it recognizes the value of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) as one of the most sustainable methods for overcoming the educational barriers faced by persons with disabilities; it also highlights and illustrates the facets of an ODL-facilitated education system using Open Educational Resources (OERs); Free and Open Source Software (FOSS); and Open Access (OA). These guidelines provide an overview for governments, institutions, instructors and instructional designers, along with quality assurance and qualifications recognition bodies, when developing ODL platforms, processes, courses, examination and other with a view to incorporating the needs of all users.

Chambers, Dianne
Varoglu, Zeynep
Kasinskaite-Buddeberg, Irmgarda
40 p.
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Special education
Distance education

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