Learning achievement in Morocco: a status assessment

Author(s): Ibourk, Aomar

Organisation(s): OCP Policy Center (Morocco)

Date: 2016

Pages: 8 p.

Serie: Policy brief

Series Volume: 16/14


The 2015-2030 strategic vision innovates the Moroccan educational system. Unlike previous reforms, this vision addresses problems that have long been ignored. Among these problems is the quality of education. Although educational quality may have been included in previous reform programs, it is considered as one of the priorities in this new vision. The purpose of this Policy Brief is to assess the status of learning achievement, which is an integral part of educational quality, of students in the fourth grade. It relies on the international comparative assessments "Trends in Mathematics and Science Study" (TIMSS) and "Progress In Reading and Literacy Study" (PIRLS) in which Morocco participated. The aim is to highlight the deficits accumulated throughout the years.

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