Incentives to improve teaching: lessons from Latin America

Author(s): Vegas, Emiliana

Organisation(s): World Bank

Date: 2005

Pages: xv-435 p.


This book a collection of chapters is about one of the most pressing challenges in improving education quality in Latin America : designing and implementing effective incentives for enhancing teaching practice as a means for raising student learning outcomes. By providing well-researched evidence on diverse education reforms affecting teacher incentives in the region, the book makes an important contribution to the literature on teacher incentives in general and, especially, to the education literature in Latin America. Incentives to improve teaching : lessons from Latin America focuses on the impact of education reforms that alter teacher incentives on teaching quality and student learning. The reforms explored in this book represent efforts by several countries in the region to increase teacher accountability and introduce incentives to motivate teachers to raise students learning. These efforts will be of interest to readers in governmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations, research institutions and universities. Finally, the authors state, that ensuring all children have the opportunity to learn critical skills at the primary and secondary level is paramount to overcoming the barriers that perpetuate underdevelopment and poverty.

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