Impacts of political breaks on education policies, access and quality in Nigeria (1970 – 2003)

Author(s): Ezegwu, Chidi; Okoye, Dozie; Wantchekon, Leonard

Organisation(s): Research on Improving Systems of Education

Publisher(s): RISE

Date: 2023

Pages: 149 p. + 15 p.


This study examines how the political interruptions in Nigeria between 1970 to about 2003 altered policies, institutional norms, governance structures, and attitudes in the education sector. Particular attention is given from 1973 to 2003, a period after the civil war, when the Federal Government became fully involved in managing primary and secondary schools (taking over schools from missions and private owners) up to 2003 when the first successful democratic transition took place. Further disruptions to the country’s democracy have been experienced since then, and have continued to inform the political economy of education sector development.

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