How COVID-19 caused a global learning crisis

Author(s): Bryant, Jake; Child, Felipe; Dorn, Emma; Espinosa, Jose; Hall, Stephen; Kola-Oyeneyin, Topsy; Lim, Cheryl; Panier, Frédéric; Sarakatsannis, Jimmy; Schmautzer, Dirk; Ungur, Seckin; Woord, Bart

Organisation(s): McKinsey and Company

Date: 2022

Pages: 22 p. + 3 p.


In our latest report on unfinished learning, we examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning and well-being, and identify potential considerations for school systems as they support students in recovery and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic was indisputably a global health and economic crisis. Our research suggests it also caused an education crisis on a scale never seen before. The pandemic also showed, however, that innovation and collaboration can arise out of hardship. The global education community has an opportunity to come together to respond, bringing evidence-based practices at scale to every classroom. Working together, donors and investors, school systems and districts, principals and teachers, and parents and families can ensure that the students who endured the pandemic are not a lost generation but are instead defined by their resilience.

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