Growing enrolment, static resources: changes in school resources and infrastructure in relation to enrolment trends in Rwandan secondary schools

Author(s): Khan, Zia; Leonard, Philip; Sabates, Ricardo

Organisation(s): University of Cambridge (UK). Research for Equitable Access and Learning Centre; Laterite

Publisher(s): REAL Centre; Laterite

Date: 2020

Pages: 17 p.

Serie: Leaders in Teaching research and policy series


This brief analyses a panel dataset of 358 secondary schools in the 14 districts of Rwanda where the Leaders in Teaching initiative is taking place. The aim of this brief is to understand whether secondary school resources and access to infrastructure in 3 districts where Leaders in Teaching interventions are taking place have increased between 2017 and 2020. The brief provides insights which will be important to account for when making decisions regarding future investments in resources and infrastructure. It will also inform policy-makers and implementing partners about how they can adapt their current programs and better design future ones based on the latest trends and relationships identified in the data.

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